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Detlev H. H. Auvermann

Born in Germany in 1963.

I joined my father’s antiquarian bookselling business in 1984 (originally Detlev Auvermann KG, later Auvermann & Reiss).  I have been familiar with the antiquarian book business since childhood, as well as with the auction market through my father’s then partner, Godebert Michael Reiss of Reiss & Auvermann.  As my father had partners in Germany, England and America, I early on experienced an international market, with clients in numerous countries and continents, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, America, and Japan, among them many institutions.  Following two and a half years of work experience at my father’s company I left for Spain to assist a bookseller in Madrid for several months.  Back in Germany I entered an apprenticeship with a much-respected bookseller in Nuremberg in January 1987.

In late December 1987 I moved to London to begin an apprenticeship in the Science and Medicine department at Bernard Quaritch Ltd. (, then run by William Patrick Watson (  I eventually ran the history of science and medicine department for a number of years as a director of Bernard Quaritch.

I decided to leave the company in October 2012 after almost 25 years at Quaritch to set up my own business.  I work from home.  The areas I specialise in are history of science (astronomy, mathematics, physics, alchemy and chemistry, and occasionally natural history), medicine, gastronomy (especially books about wine and viticulture), some early travel literature, early printing in general, art and architecture, odd bits of literature, plus whatever takes my fancy.  Most are printed books, but I occasionally handle manuscripts or manuscript material.

I much like the rare and interesting.  A good number of the books offered by me are of a relevant provenance.

Detlev Auvermann Rare Books
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