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Specialising in early printed books both English and Continental, we nevertheless stock a wide range of works on paper from 1500-present.

Our bias is towards the unusual, the interesting and the important – and is perhaps best described by reference to a selection of the most interesting items that we have offered for sale in recent years:

– Browne Willis’ copy of the First Edition of Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum (London, 1655-73), in three volumes – Still available!
– The 1611 Book of Common Order bound by the Edinburgh publisher Andro Hart
– The manuscript notebook of Claud Alexander, containing contemporary transcriptions of sermons preached in the final days of the Paisley Witches
– Thomas Weld’s copy of a folio Tudor Armorial, beautifully illustrated and annotated throughout, with Stuart Additions
– Edgeworth family copies of first editions of many of Sir Walter Scott’s works, many inscribed by Maria Edgeworth
– Numerous works from the Fasque library of the Gladstone family, including a first edition of Malthus’ Principles of Political Economy (London, 1820)
– A collection of works from the library of a Scottish instrument maker and ‘peasant astronomer’: James Veitch of Inchbonny
– The first edition of Fallopio’s groundbreaking anatomical work Observationes Anatomicae (Venice, 1561)
– sammelband of Restoration playbooks, including the first appearance of Betterton’s revised edition of William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Pt. 1.

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