Maggs Bros. Ltd

Established in 1853, Maggs Bros. Ltd. is one of the world’s largest antiquarian booksellers. Serious about books without being stuffy, they are proud of their traditions and history, but are continually looking to the future, embrace the new age of information technology, and combining with it a continuity that has seen them deal with successive generations of collectors and with libraries over many decades.

Maggs boasts an extensive staff, as well as excellent contacts with external specialists, giving them an enviable diversity and a remarkable range of in-house expertise.  They are delighted to sell individual items to new customers, but are at our best when building and sustaining long-term relationships.  They handle books and manuscripts of the very highest quality, and act as advisors and booksellers to many of the world’s finest collections, both private and institutional, but also go out of their way to stock books over a wide price range.

As well as selling books, Maggs of course buy them, and do so around the world. They take pride in being honest and generous buyers and have the resources to deal with the largest of collections as well as interesting individual items.

Maggs Bros Ltd.
46 Curzon Street
London W1J 7UH
Great Britain

+44 (0)20 7493 7160