Librería Anticuaria Comellas

In the sixties, a young Catalan medical student went to France to study, and it was there that he met a beautiful Parisian girl from a family of arts and antiques lovers. This meeting brought together the first generation of Comellas booksellers, Antonio and Françoise.  Together they found the Librairie F. Comellas in Paris at the beginning of the seventies, where their first catalogues were virtually handcrafted, representing the specific relationship that exists between human contact and the business of rare books.

Although Antonio and Françoise first specialised in the history of science and in medical books, they became interested in many other subjects and cultivate their bibliophilic instincts under the inspiration of the great booksellers of the decade. Soon they become popular in rare books circles, and in the early eighties they took part in their first fair in the USA. During the following twenty years, their clients came to include great private collectors, many public libraries and museums, as well as many of the most prestigious antiquarian bookstores in the world.

The son of the founding couple, Julien Comellas, experienced a childhood marked by the ups and downs of the rare books world. So connected were his family and bookstore routines, that anecdotes from both intertwine in his memories. Through the years he learned the principles of the profession until he became a part of the team. Young and restless, he devoted himself to opening a new marketing path through developing and managing a multilingual commercial website.

In 2001 the bookstore moved to Spain, Antonio’s homeland. The new location—a beautiful modernist apartment in the historic district of

Barcelona, where one can
breathe the classic atmosphere of ancient libraries—was the perfect background for a collection of books and manuscripts dating from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

Librería Anticuaria Comellas

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