Libreria Alberto Govi di Fabrizio Govi S.a.s.

The Libreria Antiquaria was founded in 1973 by Alberto Govi. After graduating with a degree in aesthetics form the University of Bologna, where he studied under Luciano Anceschi, Gove spent some years in Milan at the Garzanti publishing house.  Govi then decided to start a completely new venture within the rare books trade. The great number of catalogues he has produced testifies to his competence and passion for the old book, as well as to the richness and variety of the works Libreria Antiquaria offers.

In 1996, Alberto was joined in business by his son, Fabrizio.  After graduating from the University of Bologna, where he studied under the art historian Anna Ottani Cavina, Fabrizio began a long and exciting apprenticeship in the world of antiquarian books.

Libreria Antiquaria’s main field of interest is manuscripts.  Alberto is an expert codicologist, (and has honed his knowledge at the Rare Book School, a part of the University of Virginia), and specializes incunabula and 16th century books. Possessing a thorough understanding of classical languages (particularly Latin), and of the main languages of Western culture (English, French, Spanish and German), allows Libreria Antiquaria to deal with books, and to utilise the scientific publications printed in these languages.  Fabrizio has also deepened his knowledge in the field of antiquarian books, attending courses at the École de l’Institut d’Histoire du Livre of Lyon, which concerned physical bibliography and printing types, and at Merton College in Oxford, which addressed the study of paper.

For several years, Fabrizio has been a committee member and treasurer of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Italy, and from 2010 to 2015, served as its president.

The Libreria Alberto Govi generally issues a printed catalogue every year.

They have recently opened a branch in the United States to expand their business. The company is called Govi Rare Book LLC, and is based in New York.

Libreria Alberto Govi di Fabrizio Govi S.a.s.
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