Exhibitors Guide INK Fair London 2018

Stand preferences will be granted on first-come, first-serve basis. Please indicate your preference in the booking notes or via email.

A deposit of one third of the stand price is required to confirm a booking. 

INK LDN Art Exhibition and Services Ltd.

Fair Director
Ines Bellin
[email protected]
M 07503 557601

The Bulldog Trust
Two Temple Place, WC2R 3BD London
T 020 7240 6044
Rachel bellon & Lisa Delbridge
[email protected]

Freight & Logistics
For International transport                                                                                 National & International
Caladex LLC                                                                                                      RF Shipping Ltd.
Hugh Best                                                                                                          Tibor Ivanics
[email protected]                                                                                            [email protected]

Print & Publications incl. Fair Catalogue
City Printing Ltd.
City House
171-173 Hornsey Road
London N7 6RA

Georgia Cooke
[email protected]
Marketing Gill Auld

Fair dates 19/20 or 26/27 September 2018

Day 0 Tuesday
15.00- set up for dealers

Day 1 Wednesday
09.00-13.00 set up for dealers/visit conference/talks*
14.00-18.00 professional dry preview for registered dealers, institutional staff and art professionals.
18.00-21.00 champagne reception

Day 2 Thursday
09.00-12.00 visit conference/talks*
12.00-18.00 general opening day


Attached conference/talks
We are preparing talks on the subject of economic and regulatory changes due to Brexit, Italian and German changes in export of cultural goods and required documentation with a market analysis and the effect this has on commercial and institutional buyers/sellers. Additionally a look at the fast rising market for Arab art and the impact of the raise in Middle- and Near Eastern buyers.

We will invite speakers from the commercial and noncommercial art world and announce this through ALA, CILIP and equivalent continental outlets. The talks will be livestreamed online as well.



Exhibition space and stands

The Lower Gallery and the Great Hall are large and open areas, all stands are easily accessible and some have additional attractions such as bay windows, stained glass, decorative wood panelling throughout, a fireplace or the intimacy of an alcove. Some of the premium stands offer additional presentation space as we have permission to use the original library shelves.

All stands are provided with a set of tall full vision glass cabinets, column glass cabinets and 1 / 2 glass counters as well as in some cases the original library cases. Premium stands come with a minimum of 2 tall glass cases, 1 column and counter, standard stands with 1 tall glass case, 1 column and 1 counter. Additional cases can be ordered. The venue is equipped with gallery hanging rails throughout.

All measurements are rough guidelines due to the peculiar architecture.

Premium Stands £ 3,300 (excl. VAT)
Stands at 3 x 2 m within the Library.
Stands also within the large window bays (Library, Ground Floor, Great Hall).

Premium / Shared Stand £ 2400 each  (excl. VAT)
Stands at 3.2 x 2.4 x 2.8 m.
Equipment 1 tall case, 1 tall column, 1 counter (each).

Standard Stands £3,000 (excl. VAT)
Stands at 2.5 x 2 m, 3 x 2.5 m, 2.5 x 3 m.

Fresh Faces £ 700 (excl. VAT)
Tall glass case.

1 Entire Wall Space at £ 5000

Stair Case and Upper Gallery

Installation of cases will be done the day before, allowing for a reasonably relaxed set up for exhibitors.

Our cabinets have proven very popular. The lights do not heat up and dry out the books and have separate lights for every shelf level.



Final Comments

There is nothing comparable to Inkfair London in the autumn season yet. We are a luxury event which will help make our great European city an end-of-year book and art lover’s destination, and will help Londoners and visitors from abroad think afresh about the extraordinary capacity of books and art to entertain and enchant.


Application packages can be requested via email to the fair organisers. We have a “by invitation first” policy, followed by other applications. This is to ensure the diversity of the exhibitors. Feel free to recommend someone to us. We encourage referrals especially for our Fresh Faces stands for young and new book and art dealers.

Exhibitor & Visitor Access

Nearby Tube Stations:
Temple – District & Circle lines (110 metres)
Covent Garden – Piccadilly line (830 metres)
St. Pauls – Central line (1090 metres)

Nearby Rail Stations:
Blackfriars (610 metres)
Waterloo (895 metres)
Charing Cross (920 metres)

4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 26, 76, 87, 91, 139, 172, 176

Limited paid parking, including coach spaces, available in Temple Place
If you require parking space for off and on-loading you must inform us well in advance.




Advanced Marketing

We will work again with the Bulldog Trust, Two Temple Place, The London Library and other partners whom we built up a relationship with during the course of our previous fairs.
We are seeking closer relationships also with the established bibliographical and bibliophile communities. We have reciprocal advertising arrangements with the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association, which will see us promoted at the Olympia fair. These are some of the ways in which cross-promote the event.
Further, we are planning a forum on current market related questions. This will include invitations to participate send to ALA, CILIP and continental European equivalents.

Press & Promotion

We are dedicated to making this a vibrant and modern fair, attracting new clients and heavy media coverage. Our advertising budget will be primarily focused online, although there will be focused print advertising (e.g. listings, trade, learned societies).
This year’s fair catalogue will be published well in advance to allow a wider distribution.
We are looking carefully at repeating our successful signage (lamp post banner signage on the Strand and Embankment, as well as promotional signage on the building itself which for ca. 6 weeks prior to the fair). We are hoping for a good PR campaign, so that the press pick up on how good the material we are offering is, what a good venue we have, and how exciting our exhibitors are. To this last end, we are also increasing our ‘Fresh Faces’ stands, including a competition for one free stand.


We’re pulling INK forward to be in the more attractive slot of late September. This will still allow you to exhibit at other fairs, including Chelsea Book Fair and Boston International Book fair. We will again open in Wednesday and Thursday, but not Friday.


  • Your stand will be equipped with a call button allowing you to order sustenance and any of the other services available from our concierge/catering team, without leaving your stand
  • Menus will be delivered to all stands to order refreshments via the Concierge Service
  • A coffee machine will be installed in the Drawing Room
  • Free tea and coffee is available to exhibitors

Concierge: We have tweaked our concierge service to be even more exclusive and readily available. Aside from the call button at your stand there will be concierge station on each floor available to exhibitors and visitors alike. If you require their services regarding shipping, packing large items, escorting a client, technical issues or even a restaurant recommendation they will be happy to help. Of course this will also include stand cover for up to 1 hour.

Catering: Our Champagne Preview on Wednesday will feature a champagne table in the Lower Ground Hall and the Great Hall. The INK Bar in the Morris Room upstairs will offer our signature drinks.

All services will be provided at the stands, tables and lounge areas, this includes orders by the public.

Orders for food and beverages can be made without leaving your stand via our Concierge Service and delivered to your stand, one of our lounge areas or the Drawing Room at your request.

Tickets: Many clients prefer a paper ticket so we will continue to provide these tickets. Online tickets will also be available directly from our site and do not require the customer to go to a third party website.

Packing station: We will provide a packing station in the entrance hall where our concierges will happily safely wrap sold items for you. If you make a sale simply call one of our concierges using your call button or approach them directly, they will take a note of the item(s), escort the customer and their purchase to the packing station. After packing the customer may return to the fair or leave.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form a contract between INK Fair London Art Exhibition and Services Ltd  (from here on INK FAIR LONDON) and the Exhibitor at INK FAIR LONDON 2017 (from here on INK Fair London). No variation or changes of these terms and conditions shall be made unless agreed by INK FAIR LONDON in writing.

Application to exhibit at INK FAIR LONDON 2018 is open to everyone but not guaranteed until so confirmed by INK FAIR LONDON. Applying for participation signifies agreement to these terms and conditions.


INK FAIR LONDON shall prepare and supervise the organisation of the fair. Exhibitors must secure their areas and leave the premises as soon as the fair closes and will be required to return to the fair no less than 10 minutes but not earlier than 1 hour prior to opening.

All areas are equipped with glass cabinets and/or shelves as well as identification signs. Approved personal furniture may be added at own labour and cost, pending Health & Safety considerations.

Problems with this equipment must be brought to INK FAIR LONDON’s attention prior to opening and will be corrected where possible.

Exhibitors are obliged to arrange displays and any other materials in such a way as not to cause hazardous conditions for themselves and others. Exhibitors are responsible for checking the safety, stability and security of the cabinets, shelving and other equipment in their areas prior to setting up.

No adjustments to lighting and cabinets should be made by the Exhibitor without a technician provided by INK FAIR LONDON.

When the fair is open to the public, the Exhibitor must ensure that they (or another suitable agent) are, as far as possible, in attendance in their designated area at all times.

Area positioning and alterations:

INK FAIR LONDON reserve the right to make alterations as they see fit to the layout of the fair, and to the area and space allotted to the Exhibitor, including a change from Premium to Standard or vice versa. If a downgrade of an area occurs a refund of the difference between the area prices will be made in favour of the Exhibitor.

No Exhibitor may sublet their area or any part thereof without permission of INK FAIR LONDON.

All stock and exhibits must display prices either close to the stock/exhibit or in a printed and dated catalogue or list.


All sales will be subject to UK requirements for VAT and export licences. Payment must be accepted in cash or by bank transfer in UK Sterling, unless otherwise agreed by both seller and buyer.

An invoice or receipt of sale must be issued for every sale.

INK FAIR LONDON does not take responsibility for returns and requests sellers to be aware of consumer rights including return policy.

Delivery and Removal

Exhibitors must follow the guidelines as outlined in the fair plan, specifically the time slots allocated circa 1 month before the fair. If the Exhibitor wishes to deliver or remove their stock and exhibits either themselves or using a 3rd party, arrangements must be made with INK FAIR LONDON beforehand to arrange suitable parking and entry.

The Exhibitor will not remove their exhibits and stock during the fair, except if agreed with INK FAIR LONDON. The dismantling of the fair may only commence after the closing of the fair on the last day or when instructed by INK FAIR LONDON.

Trunks, cases or any such item over the weight of 50kg will not be accepted into the venue, regardless if delivered with one of our recommended freight specialists or personally. We strongly recommend to pack cases with reasonable weight and / or split into smaller trunks. Ink Fair London will have a limited number of staff available to aid exhibitors not using a professional company to carry their stock weighing no more than 32kg per item.

Security ID

INK FAIR LONDON will supply all Exhibitors with ID upon arrival. Exhibitors, their staff and agents agree to wear those IDs visibly at all times whilst on the premises. Exhibitors must not lend IDs to any another person.

Indemnity & Insurance

Responsibility for loss of or damages to any exhibit or property of the Exhibitor remains with the Exhibitor at all times. Neither Two Temple Place, The Bulldog Trust nor INK FAIR LONDON (or any other company or contractor responsible for the art fair venue), its agents or contractors shall be responsible for the loss of or damage to exhibits, stock or belongings of the Exhibitor or their employees, or of visitors in their areas, by fire, theft or any other cause, or injury of any nature to any person, creature or item.

The Exhibitor shall be responsible for all personal injury or damage to, or loss or destruction of, property which shall be caused directly or indirectly by the act or omission of the Exhibitor or his agents.

It is agreed that all Exhibitors will indemnify and release INK FAIR LONDON 2016 (or any other company or contractor responsible for the book fair venue) and INK FAIR LONDON or its agents against all claims and proceedings made or brought against them, in respect of any injury, loss or damage arising to any person or property caused by or arising from the Exhibitor’s participation in the Fair. INK FAIR LONDON will not be liable for loss or damage to the property of Exhibitors, whatever the cause. Exhibitors are obliged to have their own liability insurance.

It is a condition of the agreement between the Exhibitor and INK FAIR LONDON that the Exhibitor shall bear the responsibility themselves for insurance:

-              of their exhibits, areas and property  against damage, theft or any other loss

-              of their own staff, agents and employees against injury

-              of themselves against any and all public liability (£2 million is required)

INK FAIR LONDON maintains cancellation insurance which will provide the return to Exhibitors of fees paid to INK FAIR LONDON if the event is cancelled for whatever reason, whether due to circumstances beyond the control of INK FAIR LONDON or other.

This insurance will not cover any other costs or expenses by the Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor is advised to obtain their own insurance to cover these.

Payment of Invoices

A deposit rental is due immediately upon receipt of invoice, online booking or any date as agreed upon application, pending INK FAIR LONDON approval, and the full balance is due within 60 days thereafter or as agreed and approved by INK FAIR LONDON, but any remaining balance must be paid before 1st September. If a different area than requested is allocated INK FAIR LONDON will adjust the difference on the final Invoice.

Participators who have not paid their invoices by begin of the fair, unless agreed and approved by INK FAIR LONDON, may not be given entrance to the event and may forfeit their deposit.

Health and Safety

Exhibitors will follow all Health and Safety Instructions and Guidance prepared by INK FAIR LONDON, the Venue, and Local Fire Brigade Regulations.

Any instructions issued or requests made by the venue or the fair manager must be adhered to immediately.


No Exhibitor may serve or supply alcohol unless they are in possession of a valid licence or the alcohol was purchased from the on-site caterer. INK FAIR LONDON will supply drinks and foods at reasonable cost. We do permit exhibitors to order deliveries or bring their own food.

Force Majeure and Cancellation by INK FAIR LONDON

INK FAIR LONDON shall not be liable to the Exhibitor if by any reason of war, terrorist threat, fire, strike, government regulation, national day of mourning, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or any other cause beyond the control of INK FAIR LONDON including without prejudice to the foregoing the withdrawal from use or restriction in use of Two Temple Place (or any other venue at which the fair may necessarily be held), or by force majeure, the Fair or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is cancelled, curtailed or abandoned.

INK FAIR LONDON shall attempt to hold the fair at another venue or on alternative dates if prevented from using the venue. Exhibitors agree to exhibit at the new venue and/or date. If the Exhibitor declines or is unable for any reason INK FAIR LONDON is allowed to retain all fees paid or payable as incurred damages for its expenses.

General Right of Cancellation by INK FAIR LONDON

INK FAIR LONDON reserves the right to cancel the Fair by giving notice in writing to the Exhibitor, on receipt of which INK FAIR LONDON shall be under no liability whatsoever save to refund in full to the Exhibitor all sums paid to INK FAIR LONDON in respect of deposits and balances paid.


Cancellation of Contract by Exhibitor

Cancellation of participation must be directed in writing to INK FAIR LONDON via confirmed email or by registered letter. A cancellation is only valid if the receipt of either of these forms is confirmed by INK FAIR LONDON. A full refund of any payment received will be made if the notice of cancellation is received within 2 weeks of the first deposit paid. Cancellations received by 1st August will incur a fee of 50% of the total fee for the area selected. Any cancellations after this date will incur the costs of the total booking. Exhibitors are advised that events cancellation insurance is available through most major insurers.

Donovan Clause

Exhibitors are free to use our logo and design for any related online and print advertisement and publicity but are not allowed to change, amend or alter our name, design or branding in any way. If the exhibitor has creative ideas for a re-brand, he or she, is invited to propose such ideas for the following year.

Catalogue entries

Catalogue entries must be submitted by the 1st of August, Standard Stands include a full colour double page, Premium Stands include 4 full colour pages, Graphic Stands include a full colour double page, Fresh Faces have a single full colour page and the Stair Case Gallery has 4 full colour pages. Entries can be limited to images with short titles or include a company profile, history, philosophy etc. We reserve the right to exclude material we deem unsuitable. Exhibitors who fail to submit the catalogue by the 1st of August will be represented with a single page in the catalogue containing their company details only. We will aim to amend the online catalogue for submissions received after the 1st of August.

Your catalogue

We strongly recommend you to send us your pdf/digital catalogues as soon as possible. 

Exhibitors can purchase advertisement in the catalogue for other events, fairs or catalogue.