Meet The Team

Ines Bellin

Fair Director

Ines is in charge of the event management and organisation. Get in touch for all the nitty gritty stuff. From the venue to the cases up to the tumbler glasses for the Gin & Ink she so desperately wants to get just right.
M 07503 557601

Leo Cadogan

Communications Chief

Leo takes primary responsibility for communicating with our exhibitors (and some other partners) to deliver the best possible fair. An exhibitor himself, please get in touch with him, either on the floor of the fair or before, if you have any queries as to who has what, who can help you build your collections, or indeed anything else that might help you have a more enjoyable and interesting time.
MĀ 07906 455229

Clare (Ped) Pedder

Office Manager

Ped has joined the Ink Fair team this year and brings over 10 years top internationalĀ fair management experience. Specialising in data management and analysis, scheduling, logistics and staff management she keeps us all in line and on track and looks forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors to the fair in this fantastic venue.

Ped is also a qualified tutor/trainer offering Office Skills training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access from beginner onwards, both corporately and privately.


Gina Rozner

M 07887 811806

Gill Auld

Marketing & Communications
M 07817 765475